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GDS 360

Writers Workshop

In this program, Young Authors will get a taste of the entire writing process from start to finish. We will begin by reading and discussing example fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. From there Young Authors will generate their own ideas using prompts and writing exercises. Next is the planning stage, where Young Authors will learn about basic story structure, personal essay structures, and the different types of poetry. During the writing stage, each session will have a theme (figurative language, setting, rhyme scheme, etc.) that will be the focus for that day. Once the first drafts are complete, the Young Authors will begin the editing and workshopping process. They will read each other’s drafts, help edit one another’s work, and offer creative suggestions. * In the weeks following the program, a paperback book with all of our Young Authors’ fiction, non-fiction, and poetry pieces will be given to each Young Author.

Instructor:  Young Authors' Workshop

Third and Fourth Grade
Tuesday Class Details
Cost: $400
Sessions: 13

Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Grade
Wednesday Class Details
Cost: $400
Sessions: 13


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