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GDS 360

Story Telling In Spanish


For hundreds of years, storytelling has been a way for humans to connect, share, and learn life lessons. More and more educational institutions are emphasizing the importance of cultivating storytelling skills in young people because it has become so valued in virtually every field work.
Spanish Storytelling Theater will aid students in dissecting and rebuilding stories in a creative way that is centered on a moral or life lesson, all with the added bonus of integrating Spanish vocabulary.
Each class, students will have the opportunity to sharpen their reading comprehension skills by identifying: "personajes", "escenario", "problemas/soluciones", y "la moraleja" in order to interpret and perform their own unique version of the featured story.
Class ends with a reflection on the moral of the story and how it can be applied to one’s daily life.
Observing and practicing the age-old art of storytelling not only makes learning Spanish easy and fun, but it also actively reinforces students' critical thinking, writing, and presentation skills, which will stay with them throughout their education journey.

Instructor: Speak Spanish in DC Teacher

Cost: $400

Sessions: 12


  • Thursdays

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