Registration for GDS 360 and Early Grasshopper opens August 2, 2021.

GDS 360

French Language and Culture

Description: These classes will expose students to French songs, vocabulary, food, and culture, helping them develop an ear for the language and to build their excitement for future language acquisition. Through a variety of hands-on games, cooking, art, and music activities taught in the target language, students will gain an appreciation of the language’s culture and pick up some vocabulary along the way.

Learning Goal: 1) Students will be able to say and respond to 10-15 simple phrases related to introductions, body parts, family members, and animals. 2) Students will be able to sing and understand 2-3 French children’s songs.

Instructor: Veronique Mattei

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten
Tuesday Class Details
Cost: $400
Sessions: 13

First and Second Grade
Thursday Class Details
Cost: $400
Sessions: 12

  • Thursdays
  • Tuesdays

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