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GDS 360

Art with Heart in Spanish

Art is powerful, inspiring, and it can help change the world. In the Art with Heart class, students will create art that focuses on themes related to: self-awareness, social awareness, empathy, compassion, and gratitude. Students will not only express themselves through traditional media, but they will also experiment with fun, newer media such as “Social Practice Art”, where art is co-created by inviting others to actively participate in students’ artistic process.
Every week, students will have the opportunity to use their creativity and their voice to be part of a larger conversation in society. Our native Spanish-speaking instructors will guide students in learning about current artists and projects centered on self-esteem, anti-bullying, giving thanks, helping people, and random acts of kindness.
Students will be inspired to create and share their art. They will construct interactive murals and art installations with a message, design their own sticker campaign, generate vision boards, mail art to loved ones and others, turn trash into a gallery of treasures, conduct surveys, make videos, do performance art and much more!
Dr. Schonert-Reichl is an expert on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and suggests that “qualities such as self-awareness, empathy, peaceful problem solving, and self-regulation need to be learned and practiced over time in order to develop consistent behavioral gains.”
Art with Heart is imagination with intention.

Instructor: Speak Spanish in DC Teacher

First and Second Grade
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Cost: $400
Sessions: 13

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Cost: $400
Sessions: 13

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