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Our Philosophy

College counseling at Georgetown Day School mirrors how we, as a school, encourage students to learn. We believe that the college process is a wonderful adventure of self discovery and personal growth, and we encourage students to navigate it from a place of empowerment, not fear, resulting in a healthy college search and application experience. Our approach lays the foundation for students to apply to colleges that meet their individual needs and ultimately join a college community in which they will thrive.

Through authentic self-reflection, we encourage students to articulate their talents, communicate effectively, and engage in thoughtful decision-making, and we guide them and empower them to accomplish the required tasks along the way.

A successful college process at Georgetown Day School is about students:
  • Believing in their own ability to navigate a complex process
  • Articulating who they are (in flux) and who they want to become
  • Developing goals for the college experience beyond admission
  • Making decisions grounded in their own values
  • Building skills for success beyond high school and college such as: self reflection, resilience, and decision-making
  • Celebrating good matches and each other’s individual choices


Important Dates

Meet the Team

"Greg" Wong

Associate Director of College Counseling

"Jenni" Ruiz

Co-Director of College Counseling

"Emily" Livelli

Co-Director of College Counseling

"Deirdre" Nicholson

Registrar & College Counseling Assistant