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Student welcoming you to Georgetown Day School
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This is not just another school admissions video. And Georgetown Day School is not just another school. We invite you to discover the place where students love to learn and learn to change the world.

Students watching a movie

While our community engaged with a curated 1619 Project at the High School, 36 members of our GDS community observed the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery at the People of Color Conference.

PK/K Engineers direct construction
  • Hopper Effect Blog

Children represent their experiences by using language, constructing with materials, and keeping their bodies active, all the while consolidating and understanding more and more of their raw experiences.

Meet the Team

Vinita Ahuja

Director of Auxiliary and Extended Learning Programs and Strategic Projects

Kimberly Beck

Lower School Principal

Katie Gibson

High School Principal

Samantha Jankovitz

Program Associate for Curriculum and Instruction

Tim Lyons

Director of Innovation & Technology

Debby Previna

Middle School Principal

Marlo Thomas

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Laura Yee

Assistant Head of School for Curriculum & Instruction