With the goal of unifying our two campuses, currently four miles apart, GDS has embarked on the most significant building project in our 70-year history. In 2014, GDS acquired the Safeway site and the former Martens Volvo site near our Tenleytown campus at 4200 Davenport Street, NW. GDS received a “special exception” to build a Lower/Middle School on the Safeway site in November 2017, and we are on course to open the new building in time for September 2020 school year.

Project Details

In November 2017, GDS received a favorable BZA decision to build our new Pre-K to 8th grade Lower/Middle School on the former Safeway site. GDS continues to evaluate possible next steps on the former Marten’s Volvo dealership site.

GDS has designed one new school building that will house the Lower School, Middle School, a flexible performance space, and athletic and playground areas.
  • The building will be approximately 155K square feet and will include a separate Pre-K and K wing and​ collaborative learning commons spaces for grades 1-8 in addition to a technology commons space and indoor and outdoor learning spaces—compared to the 105K square feet at the current LMS campus.
  • Grades will be clustered to foster collaboration and streamline space, and the building will include rooms for breakout instruction, cooperative learning, and differentiated instruction.
  • There will be a Lower/Middle School soccer field on the ground adjacent to the building above the partially subterranean parking garage, which will be available to families visiting the campus.
  • There will be full dining available to all grade 1-8 students, and “grab and go” for high school students.
  • Our flexible performing arts space will be slightly larger than 4,800 square feet, including a balcony with seating for approximately 500.
  • The library will be larger than our existing LMS library at 3,500 square feet.

Ask Us

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