November 12, 2015 ANC3E Meeting
Below, you will find a summary of our presentation, along with links to images and information we presented at the meeting, as well as updated information on traffic that we did not have time to present at the meeting

PUD Process
  • GDS filed the PUD application on November 4. In the coming weeks, we anticipate getting a date from the Office of Zoning for a set-down meeting. The set down meeting is likely to be five weeks from now, around mid-December. Given the holidays, the set down meeting may not happen until January.
  • At the set down meeting, neither the applicant not persons in opposition of support will give testimony. The meeting is solely for the Zoning Commission to deliberate on the application, to comment on the substance of the application, and to determine whether it should move ahead to a public hearing.
  • GDS is required to respond to the Commission’s comments and file a Pre-Hearing Submission that addresses them.
  • After receipt of the Pre-Hearing Submission, the Commission’s staff will set a hearing date. Generally, it is about 4 to 6 months after the set down, so we are anticipating the public hearing around May 2016.
  • Twenty days prior to the public hearing, we will submit revisions to the application in response to comments from the ANC, community, OP and other District agencies.

Traffic Analysis Process

Now that the PUD has been filed, DDOT will set parameters for a Comprehensive Transportation Review (CTR,) which is the report GDS will be submitting into the record for the PUD. We anticipate that the CTR will be completed and sent to DDOT and the ANC for review 60 days prior to the hearing date. It will include in-depth analyses of the impact of the PUD on surrounding streets.


At the ANC meeting, GDS shared images of the landscape/streetscape which were in the PUD filing. These images include a new design of Ellicott Park, changes to Davenport Steps , treatment of 42nd Street, and on-campus playground.


At the ANC meeting, GDS shared some images of the architecture, which were in the PUD filing. These images include displays of elevation, proposed materials in buildings, and views of the retail/residential buildings from different directions.

In addition to the links to images we presented last night, you can access the complete set of landscape and architecture images by accessing GDS's PUD application. To see the application, search the IZIS Zoning Case Records database for the Applicant/Case Name Georgetown Day School.