June ANC Meeting
The following design changes were presented:

1. Incorporating the Lower and Middle School into one building

In earlier iterations of the plan, we showed a stand-alone Middle School building. In response to comments from our school community ​requesting more green space on campus, and to comments from nearby neighbors that the ​closeness of the ​building would impact their houses, we changed the design. After intensive program assessment and space planning, we found that the Lower and Middle School grades can fit well into the one building. There will be no change to the height or the size of this building, but we are moving some more parking underground, and making the ​interior of the ​building more efficient.

2. Changes to the 42nd Street design
  • Moving the Middle School allowed us to put more parking below ground and thereby activate the GDS side of 42nd Street with engaging functions. There will be community access to this building on 42nd Street, allowing for easy connection to things like our gym, field, and theater.
  • We redesigned the retail/residential buildings on 42nd Street so there is no longer a cantilevered overhang on the northern building. This change allows for a more typical sidewalk to be built on the east side of 42nd Street, with tree boxes and room for café seating outside the market.

3. Introduction of “Ellicott Park”

By closing the small portion of 42nd Street that currently runs one-way off of Ellicott Street​,​ we believe that this area will be safer for bikers and pedestrians. It will also allow us to create a new corner park. Our landscape architect has created six options for the treatment of the park, all with very different neighborhood amenities. We anticipate that this park will be one of the community amenities we provide through the PUD, and so we look to the community to help decide which plan we move ahead with. Please send your thoughts on the park to ​TalktoGDS@gds.org.

4. Development of “Davenport Terrace”

Another community amenity we envision will be the Davenport Terrace, which we think has the potential to positively change the character of the area and become a real gathering place for the community—with retail, outdoor dining, landscaping, and a broad connection from Wisconsin Avenue to 42nd Street. At June's ANC 3E meeting, we shared the following presentation on the importance of the Davenport Terrace to community place-making and successful retail.

Please contact us with any questions.