GDS to Withdraw PUD Application
Last week, GDS’s zoning counsel heard from the Office of Planning that a member of the community had contacted them, raising concerns about our interpretation of the Zoning regulations, in relation to the density of the proposed new LMS building. We understand that the community member also expressed the same concern to the Office of the Zoning Administrator. Unfortunately, the Zoning Administrator made an informal ruling that constrains GDS’s application.

Rather than spend the time and money to contest the Zoning Administrator’s informal ruling, our attorney has counseled us that it would be more prudent to withdraw the PUD application, and re-file under the new zoning regulations, which take effect September 2016. Under the new regulations, GDS’s application will no longer be subject to the possible constraints raised by the community member. While we may have prevailed at the Zoning Commission with our current PUD application, this informal ruling by the Zoning Administrator would have made us vulnerable to an appeal and cost us additional time and money.

Though the details of the project are not changing, we intend to file our new PUD application on June 1, which is the first day that projects may be filed under the new zoning regulations, and we anticipate a September set down at the Zoning Commission.

As always, please contact with any questions or comments.