GDS to Submit Revisions to the PUD Application
While this will result in a reduction of roughly 50 apartment units, the reconfigured retail space will actually increase nominally, and we are still able to create the place-defining Davenport Steps. This new plan will continue to feature an activated, improved corridor with new residents and businesses, lovely public spaces around the project, and safer streets for pedestrians and bikers.

We anticipate getting on the Zoning Commission calendar for a set down meeting in April, and then on their calendar for a public hearing in the months following. While these revisions have set us back a bit, GDS still anticipates opening the new, unified campus in the fall of 2020.

As soon as the revisions are filed, you will be able to access them by searching the IZIS Zoning Case Records database for the Applicant/Case Name Georgetown Day School.

Read a comparison of the retail-residential building specifications »

Please contact with any questions or comments.