Follow-up to GDS's Presentations
On July 13, Georgetown Day School joined the ANC3E meeting to share updates on our campus planning project. On July 27, we hosted a neighborhood meeting at the School and engaged in thoughtful conversation members of the Tenleytown community. See the slides from the presentation »  

The following is an update on our progress thus far:
Georgetown Day School has focused on consolidating the Lower/Middle School and High School campuses for a number of years. While GDS initially planned to pursue the consolidation in connection with a PUD, which included redeveloping its commercial property along Wisconsin Avenue, due to a number of planning issues outside of GDS’s​ control, GDS decided to withdraw its PUD application. Instead, GDS is pursuing the campus consolidation as part of the Board of Zoning Adjustment Special Exception process,​ which is the process that is more typically used for independent schools. GDS does not currently have a timeline or plan for the commercial property;​ the school consolidation is the singular focus at this time. GDS plans to submit the BZA case application soon and will continue working with the community leading up to the anticipated fall hearing date no earlier than late October.
GDS is excited about the current school consolidation plans and the design for the new Lower/Middle School campus. Based on feedback from the community during the PUD process, the architects have designed the plan to minimize impacts on neighbors. The new Lower/Middle School building is located along 42nd Street, as far removed from neighboring properties as possible. Additionally, as part of the consolidation​,  the campus circulation has been re-designed to minimize traffic impacts. The new playing field is also now located on a low-lying parking garage as opposed to on top of the entire school building. The new campus includes significant play and green space. The consolidated campus and the Lower/Middle School facilities meet GDS’​s programmatic needs, help us further the school’s goals, including sustainability, and, we believe, will be an asset to the community.
We welcome hearing from you. Please email with any questions.