December Town Hall 2018
The Town Hall meeting was held at Georgetown Day School High School. In attendance from Georgetown Day School was Russell Shaw, Jeffrey Houser, and Kristina Lennox. In attendance from DAVIS Construction was Abel Espinal. Gary Kressler and Dan Bonilla from GreenBench Companies—the project management team for the construction part of the project—were also in attendance.

Major topics of conversation were related to the continued excavation at the site by the trucks and timing of the trucks morning arrival. DAVIS has been diligent adhering to the truck flow into and off the construction site per the Construction Management Plan, however one day in December there was an unforeseen uptick in trucks at one time. Last topic of conversation was regarding the plans for the small area on the northeast corner between 42nd Street NW slip lane and Wisconsin Avenue NW.
The continued commitment to open communication with the community via monthly Town Hall meetings and routine updates posted on the School Unification section of the GDS website has been helpful to all. Being able to know ahead of time the construction activity milestones from the past month and a description of what is expected to occur in the coming month allows all to be tuned into the project.
The next scheduled Town Hall meeting will be on Wednesday, January 16, at the Georgetown Day School High School.

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