Campus Planning Updates
Since our exciting announcement in June regarding GDS’s property purchases, we’ve been hard at work developing plans for moving forward with our master planning process.

Facilities Master Planning Committee (FMPC) This summer the Board created the FMPC to serve as the oversight committee to the master planning process. The committee chair is Lucretia Risoleo, and members include Stephen Bailey, Emily Bloomfield, Monica Dixon, Marc Glosserman, Michael Gottdenker, Cheryl Johnson, Eric Koenig, David Leary, Jill Lesser, Reid Liffman, David Smith, and Brad Vogt.

The committee is actively engaged in the process, and meets on a regular basis based on the requirements of the process.

RFP Process Launched In September, the FMPC launched an RFP process for a facilities master planner/educational consultant.

What’s a master planner? A master planner helps guide an organization through the work that culminates in campus development and construction. In Phase I, the GDS master planner will serve as an educational consultant, leading all constituencies in the GDS and Tenleytown communities through conversation about educational program and the implications for our space. The master planner will gather input and develop design and modeling outcomes tied to their research and conversation.

What does this mean for me? As with our strategic planning process, we intend to have opportunities for everyone to get involved. While we won’t know when or exactly what this will look like until after we hire a master planner, we do know that we want to hear from you!

When will this all happen? The FMPC will choose a master planner by the beginning of October, and all research and development work (Phase I) will start right away and be complete in a relatively short time frame of 3 to 4 months. As soon as we hire the master planner and determine a timeline, you will hear from us on how you can participate in the process. So stay tuned.

As always, you can tune into what’s going on in the process and sign up for more information by going to You can also email with any questions or concerns.