August Town Hall 2018
The Town Hall meeting was held at Georgetown Day School High School in the Forum. In attendance from Georgetown Day School was Russell Shaw, Kevin Barr, Jeffrey Houser, and Lauren Dickert. In attendance from DAVIS Construction was Chad Oursler. Jim Wilson from JFW Project Management was also in attendance.
The objective of the Town Hall was to provide an update on the project as well as the project timeline. The team presented again the Construction Management Plan, which was reviewed at the July Town Hall meeting, given the majority of attendees were not able to attend the prior Town Hall. The Construction Management Plan addresses questions about the construction of the new Lower/Middle School at the former Safeway site and is the current living FAQ.
GDS and DAVIS remain committed to maintaining open communication to the community via continued, monthly Town Hall meetings and routine updates posted on the School Unification section of the GDS website. Updates will include construction activity milestones from the past month and a description of what is expected to occur in the coming month. GDS will also be uploading on a weekly basis, daily photos of the website to create a visual time-lapse of the progress. GDS will follow this routine until the project is completed.
As previously mentioned, the Construction Management Plan is a living document that is subject to change. Within the Construction Management Plan, is the Site Logistics Plan I Construction Staging Map (also known as “Appendix A”). After the August Town Hall meeting, there will be an update to Appendix A. Please reference the Construction Management Plan dated August 13, 2018, which will soon be available.
Major topics of conversation were related to the traffic entrance and exit to the site, hours of operation, and noise control. DAVIS reviewed that the surveying, staking and marking of the site has already begun, and on August 14, 2018 they will begin surrounding the site with silt fencing and then security/construction fencing. For more information about these topics and more, please reference the Construction Management Plan and the Meeting presentation, which will soon be available.
The next scheduled Town Hall meeting will be on Wednesday, September 12th, at the Georgetown Day School High School.

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