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For decades, GDS has dreamed of unifying our School on one campus, and now, the stars have aligned.
With the purchased property adjacent to our High School, construction is well underway on our new Lower/Middle School. Now all of our students, PK-12, can be together.

Meeting Recaps

Current Month Activity (January)

  • On Levels B1 and B2:
    • Install Ceiling Grid
    • Drywall Ceilings
    • Begin Ceramic Tile
    • Paint Walls and Ceilings
  • Paint Ceiling and Trusses in the Gym
  • Continue to Work on MEP in the Gym
  • Install Sound Ceiling and Duct work in the Performance Space
  • Level 1 - Complete Drywall Installation
  • Level 2 - Begin Drywall Installation
  • Level 3 - Wall MEP Rough-In
  • Level 4 - Wall MEP Rough-In
  • Complete Brick Along West Side of the Building (Levels 2-4)
  • Continue Window Frame + Glass Installation

Prior Month Activity (December)

  • Complete Level 3 & 4 Wall Framing
  • Continue Wall MEP Rough-in on Level 2
  • Continue Ceiling MEP Rough-in on Level 3 & 4
  • Complete Level B1 Drywall Installation
  • Begin Level 1 Drywall Installation
  • Begin Level B2 Ceiling Framing Installation
  • Complete Brick Façade Along East & North Side
  • Begin Brick Façade Along West Side
  • Continue Window Installation

Tour of the Playground

Take a magical (animated) tour of the totally unique, totally GDS outdoor play spaces planned for the new Lower/Middle School (LMS) on our Davenport Street unified campus. A group of LMS faculty and staff delved deep into the art of keeping our kids active and worked hand-in-hand with our playground equipment builder to build something special. Keep an eye out for a giant wooden grasshopper, super long slides, and a climbing wall! Most important, get excited for some happy (or hoppy) kids! Watch Now »

Timelapse & Recent Photos

As of January 14, 2020

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