Kids hand-in-hand sing %22We shall overcome%22 at the MLK Assembly.
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Georgetown Day School students receive a comprehensive education designed to prepare them for a lifetime of learning and a healthy appreciation of their world and their opportunities.
GDS believes that the educational development of the whole person requires comprehensive study of academic subjects, in-depth exposure to the arts, regular opportunities for physical education and athletics, and involvement in extracurricular activities and community service. Believing that each young person is unique and has special gifts, the School recognizes that identifying and fostering the growth of these individual talents is one of its most challenging responsibilities.

Noted for the depth and breadth of their knowledge and for their personal concern for the students they teach and advise, our teachers are essential to the GDS ethos. When hiring faculty, the School looks for individuals who believe deeply in the capacity of all children to excel, are passionate about the subjects they teach, work to create respectful, democratic learning communities in and outside the classroom, and possess the ability to spark enthusiasm for learning. Within a carefully designed and coordinated curriculum, teachers employ a variety of pedagogical approaches to ensure the success of all students.

Believing that students have obligations to others as well as themselves, we expect students to respect others, to appreciate others' successes, and to work hard toward their own.

GDS graduates leave the School with a love of learning, an abhorrence of bigotry and intolerance, a broadly rounded fund of knowledge, the ability to enter the great conversations of life, and the willingness and capacity to bring needed change to a troubled world.

Our Mission

Georgetown Day School honors the integrity and worth of each individual within a diverse school community. GDS is dedicated to providing a supportive educational atmosphere in which teachers challenge the intellectual, creative, and physical abilities of our students and foster strength of character and concern for others. From the earliest grades, we encourage our students to wonder, to inquire, and to be self-reliant, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.