Women’s Varsity Softball Takes the Season Banner

Danny Stock
The Women’s Varsity Softball team defeated Holy Child on Wednesday to seal an undefeated 6-0 division season and claim the ISL Division A banner.

Team co-captain Katie Shambaugh '19 said, “We are all excited to be number one this year. Not only is it exciting to be undefeated, we also have been fighting for this spot for the last few years. It's not over yet, with the tournaments still ahead, but it's a pretty great feeling to be undefeated in division games this year.”

Co-captain Jazzmin Cox-Cáceres '19 added, “We've had success the past two seasons because we've stayed true to who we are. It is never easy to come together as a team, but by making our relationships as a team the priority, we have had winning and enjoyable seasons. No matter who we play, we stay together as a team and bring the talent we know we have. Ultimately, we help each other when we're down and support each other when we're up. It has been an honor being a captain amongst teammates with so much love for each other and coaches that believe in our potential.”

“After winning the season we are really focusing on bringing our all to the tournament.” explained co-captain Captain Trish Massaro '19. “At this point we know that as a team we have the talent and skill to win, so we’re just focusing on coming into the tournament fighting. We’re all really excited for the chance to prove how far we’ve come and to hopefully walk away from the season with two banners!”

“The coaching staff is very proud of the accomplishment the team has made in an undefeated season in our division,” announced head coach Donna Stallworth. “All of their continuous efforts have paid off and resulted. We are honored to bring the banner home to GDS!”

Join us in cheering the team as they head into tournament season.
Reid Alexander '22, Sabrina Baheri '20, Vidya Bhargava '20, Anjali Bose '20, Ashton Brubaker '21, Alani Cox-Cáceres '21, Jazzmin Cox-Cáceres '19, Madeleine Feldman '22, Alaina Gulino '21, Mimi Koenig '20, Eve Kolker '22, Trish Massaro '19, Julia Pastreich '20, Natalie Pearce '22, Katie Shambaugh '19, Lily Singh '21, Liana Smolover-Bord '21, Kate Strong '20, Margaret Tilmes '20
Donna Stallworth
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