Virtually Pranked

Danny Stock

The Class of 2020 staged the first-ever GDS Virtual Senior Prank.

On their second to last day of class, the Class of 2020 launched the first-ever virtual Senior Prank. They staged a takeover of GDS social media, “impeached” the SSC (Student Staff Council) Senior class representative, sent hundreds of emails packed with endless unresolved questions, and posted dozens of redacted college rejection letters.

Led by Seniors Dora Hauache, Duncan Edwards, and Gigi Silla, and with content from all the Seniors, the Class of 2020 posted a blend of silly, heart-wrenching, and heart-warming content in Instagram posts and stories. “We started the year telling the school not to sleep on 2020,” they posted along with a photo recalling their first day of school Senior Run-In and their branded “Don’t 2leep 0n Us” t-shirts. “Turns out 2020 slept on us. But here's our prime. xoxo, the seniors.”

They posted a dancing First Friday spirit video and memes like “The Safeway is returning. The Earth is healing. We truly are the virus” with a photo of the old Safeway where our new Lower/Middle School building now stands. They posted adorable photos of “baby Seniors” and asked students to guess the Senior from their baby pictures. They even dubbed over a “See you soon” video made by teachers with a vocal track of Seniors singing The Beatles’ “Imagine.” “Truly moving,” one Senior commented. Others shared: “omg this cured coronavirus😩” and “after watching this ten more times it’s even more genius than before.” 

SSC Senior representative Nathaniel Rosenberg was officially impeached after multiple allegations were leveled against him, including by Enviro Club (“he hates the environment...”) according to The Augur Bit. SSC president Gigi Silla ’20 invited students to attend the live impeachment hearing via Zoom to “publicly and ruthlessly air long-standing or short-standing or middle-standing grievances or lack thereof with Rosenberg.” Upon the announcement that Nathaniel was officially impeached and removed from office, Colin Kirk ’20 wrote, “finally a democracy that responds to the will of the people.”

Finally, for nine hours throughout the day, Tayae Rogers ’20 continued the now annual tradition of posting redacted rejection letters from colleges shared by her classmates—this time via email instead of on the bulletin board outside of the college counseling offices. Perhaps in acknowledgement of the fact that they are enough regardless of universal acceptance by colleges—or perhaps, with the subject line “Congratulations!”, more of a tongue-in-cheek celebration of their “accomplishments.” Still, it was an important illustration that GDS students don’t judge the value or success of their school experience upon whether or not a given college offered admittance.


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