Undefeated Varsity Volleyball

Danny Stock
*UPDATE September 25, 2019* Varsity Volleyball has now extended their undefeated streak to 9-0. The Northwest Courier just published this article about Undefeated GDS Varsity Volleyball.

[Original post: September 13, 2019]
GDS varsity volleyball delivered a big win over Sidwell this week in a fierce contest that sets the stage for an exceptional season. Check out what the team is saying:

Head coach Brandon Wiest:
This was a special one for us because this was our first regular season win over Sidwell in at least four years. We knocked Sidwell out of the playoffs back in 2016, but they've had our number since then.

Lizzie Rosenman '22 (Middle Hitter):
What most people may not know about the game versus Sidwell is that, from the first day of preseason, every player has had the Sidwell and Maret games on our minds. Winning this game didn’t feel like just another W [win] to add to our undefeated season. This game was an affirmation that our team can be better than some of the teams we have been losing to for years.

Sydney Schwalb '20 (Captain, Right Side):
I have wanted to beat Sidwell all four years of my GDS volleyball career and so for me, beating Sidwell in my last year at GDS is certainly something I will never forget.

Brandon Wiest:
Each of our four seniors (Asia Rinehart, Sydney Schwalb, Anna Forman, and Vidya Bhargava) played a role in the win, and it was so awesome to see them achieve one of their big goals. Asia Rinehart '20 finished the match with 20 kills, which is a huge number that we haven't seen from one player at GDS since Lane Palmer '17 in the 2015 season.

Pallavi Bhargava '22 (Libero):
Most people might not know that our team is mostly underclassmen and that we lost really important seniors last year. The fact that we beat a team we haven’t beaten for four years, after expecting to have a transitional year, AND the fact that it’s Sidwell? SO. EXCITING.

Sydney Schwalb '20:
Looking ahead to the rest of the season, I know our team will continue the energy, confidence, and drive that has made us so successful! This game showed us that we could set goals, work hard, and execute.

Brandon Wiest:
Our varsity players put in a lot of time and effort in the offseason between spring open gyms and summer practices, and it's so rewarding to see that paying off—they've worked hard for this, and I'm so proud of all of them.

Pallavi Bhargava '22:
One of the biggest goals I have would be to go to State Finals. It’s a big goal, as we would have to play SJC [St. John’s College High School], and they are the DC state champions six years running. But last year our game with them was close and so exciting, and this year I really think we could do it.

Sydney Schwalb '20:
This is by far the most incredible team I have ever been a part of. Maybe we just have an incredible group of people or maybe it’s the team culture, but I know for sure that this team is something special!!

The varsity team will play away games on September 17 and 19 (at Episcopal and National Cathedral School), and we encourage you to be among the cheering crowds for their Sports Saturday match in the GDS High School gym at 10:30 a.m. on September 21.
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