Searching Deeply: High School Identity Art Show

Alison Grasheim

High School students contributed pieces to this year’s Identity Art Show that told powerful, personal stories. We honor the bravery demonstrated by our students to search deeply within themselves and express their stories through art. From “Ensueño” (dream) to “unable,” the gallery pieces reveal the pain and joy in their journeys, for our community, and the world. Special appreciation to Michelle Cobb, Nick Ryan, Adrian Loving, and Laura Tolliver for their support of our students in the creation of this impactful gallery.

Students looking thoughtfully at a white sculpture
"The brokenness of my sculpture represents the jagged holes that anti-semitism and all hate crimes are causing and have been causing in society. I chose to rest the nest in a sculpture representing a tree branch to signify my last name—Eichenbaum—which means oak tree."
Artwork of girl sitting on tires
“I visited a neurosurgeon last semester to examine my progress since my surgery six years ago. I asked if I’d be able to drive. Turns out, for the safety of the general public and myself, I can’t because the C1 and C2 cervical vertebrae responsible for the majority of my neck mobility were fused. My mobility has decreased by 80%. It’s not something extremely noticeably just by looking at me, but it’s life changing.”
Painting of bridge going into a spiral sun
"In this show, I chose to show my insomnia as I have suffered from it throughout my life. For me insomnia feels like a spiral of different thoughts that keep me awake most nights. The numbers in the spiral convey the passage of time as I’m stuck awake and also how thinking about how much time has passed often keeps me up even longer. The spiral ends in a sunrise. No matter if I managed to fall asleep or was awake all-night, morning still comes."
Painting of girl in repose in rainforest
“I created this piece in an attempt to capture the beauty and vibrancy of the Dominican Republic. My dad grew up there and moved to the United States when he was in his 20s, but the rest of his family still lives in the DR. We are fortunate enough to be able to visit our family there twice a year. I wanted to create a piece that reflects the tranquility I feel in the DR.”
Student pensively looking at four paintings of himself
"This image represents how every day, I decide how much of myself I want to share with the world. I am an introvert so sharing anything about myself is difficult."
Painting of two women on a stage looking down
"Allyship Theater critiques those in the art world that take advantage of marginalized people. The piece explores 'performative allyship' and how it is detrimental to all of us. The women at the center of the piece represent oppressed groups that have been tools to further far too many careers. As an artist with the ability to show others what they cannot see, it is my job to bring these underrepresented voices into the spotlight."
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