Power Project 2020

Danny Stock

For several years, 7th graders have concluded their year with the Power Project, a multimedia exhibition featuring student work tied to our history curriculum. Drawing from the three units of study—Haitian Revolution, India Independence Movement, and the Iranian Revolution—students have explored themes such as Calling Out Injustice, Making Changes, and Planning the Future.

This year, given distance learning, we are proud to announce the first-ever Virtual Power Project. At the website below, you will find a brief overview of the project and links to the galleries, which include original artwork, films, performances, and student writing.

Visit the Power Project Website

We hope the students’ work inspires you to start the next revolution!

As you browse, you will notice dozens of comments from students, parents, and faculty on the students’ work. Feel free to add your encouragement to the 7th grade creators.

NOTE: Even if the preview image looks inaccessible, click through to view the artifact.

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