Music for the Soul

Daniel Stock

"One good thing about music," Bob Marley said, "when it hits, you feel no pain."

This week, GDS hopped onto the digital music service Spotify. Music can be a healing, welcome escape, especially in turbulent times like these. It can also bring us together through a shared listening experience. GDS Spotify has several playlists available, all curated by GDS staff members. If you'd like to contribute a Spotify playlist for the community, please email

GDS Playlists on Spotify
🎶 Russell's Coronavirus Playlist
🎶 Azureé's Chill Suite
🎶 Dancing on Your Own
🎶 Correy's Sheltered In Place
🎶 Great American Songbook for GDS
🎶 Topher's No Words: ECM Music for Reflecting

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