Meet Marquis Bell!

Meet Marquis Bell!
Danny Stock

As part of our ongoing series Meet Our GDS Faculty and Staff, we are excited to present: Meet Marquis Bell!

Read the Q&A below to learn more about Marquis.

Primary Roles: Middle School P.E. and health teacher, Men's Basketball Varsity head coach, and coordinator for the 5th and 6th grade community engagement and experiential learning program
Pronouns: he/him
Years at GDS: Two years down and two-thirds of the way through year three! 

Marquis coaching Men’s Varsity Basketball in January 2022.

What do you love about GDS?
I love that I can be myself [at School]!

Why do you teach/do your job?
I teach because I get a chance to impact lives that will change and better the world!

A favorite lesson to teach / part of your job?
Coaching...coaching is by far my favorite part of the day. I get to teach life lessons through the sport I love and I am passionate about.

Your work style in three words?
Live and Direct.

A top hope/wish for your students and/or colleagues?
That everyone is able to breathe in the heat of the moment.

Personal passions/hobbies/pastimes?
I love mentoring and helping young people.

A few favorites…?
Book: David Goggins’s Can’t Hurt Me
Movies: Love and Basketball
Cars: 1988 Ford Mustang
Food: Grandma’s Lasagna
Dessert: Cheesecake 😋

“The best lessons are the memories that last a lifetime. In this photo, I’m teaching my kids to smile in the face of adversity. My wife, Jamie, and I took the kids on a short 3 mile hike, completely unprepared. Midway through the hike Noah and Lola were tired and hungry, so we stopped to do some belly breathing and share a moment of gratitude. We took this picture to remember the moment.”

Tell us about a pet... 
My Golden Doodle, Kenley, loved me sooooooo much that she used to eat all of my clothes. Hats, socks, etc. Now Kenley is 12-years-old—alive and well with puppy energy.

One thing about yourself your students/colleagues/others probably don't know?
I’m 33 not 23 hahahaha!!

With a tip from Marquis, we reached out to hear what a colleague had to say...
Middle School P.E. and Health Teacher and Varsity softball coach Donna Stallworth said, “Marquis is a valued member of not only our Middle School staff but also to our community as a whole. He brings so much enthusiasm and energy which sparks or students to be committed to engaging, learning, and growing. Marquis believes in developing the whole child and that is consistent every day in his connection with students and partnership with his colleagues!”

Meet Marquis Bell!
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