Meet Christal Boyd!

Danny Stock
As part of our ongoing series Meet Our GDS Faculty and Staff, we are excited to present: Meet Christal Boyd!
Read the Q&A below to learn more about Christal, High School Technical Director and Drama Teacher.
What do you teach?
I teach Theater Production and an introduction to technical theater; I also manage the Black Box space, including the theater, the scene shop, lighting installations, sound, and the costume shop. I look forward to welcoming special guests and assemblies back in the space.

What do you love about GDS?
I love how human GDS is.

A favorite lesson to teach or favorite part of your job?
Sound design. Students create a sound design project where they learn to manipulate industry standard sound software. There are always such creative solutions to the puzzles presented by this project that it has become my favorite project we do in Theater Production.

Your teaching or work style in three words?
Exploring with boundaries

A top hope/wish for your students and/or colleagues?
I wish for students and colleagues alike to continue to explore and make things whenever they get the opportunity.

Personal passions/hobbies/pastimes?
Theatrical and Event Lighting

Various favorites…?
I make delicious chocolate ganache cupcakes.

Something you made, created, accomplished you can proudly share?

This photo is from my first show at GDS, Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman. We built a 20'x20' pool in the Black Box. It was a delightful challenge to meet the requirements of the play while ensuring that the safety and structural integrity of the set were kept at the forefront. To date, it's one of the prettiest shows that I have been part of.​​​

Family and/or pets?
I have an 11-year-old silky terrier named Waterloo who thinks he's much bigger than he is.

One thing about yourself your students/colleagues/others probably don't know?
I was a competitive gymnast when I was growing up.

One thing on your life "bucket list" you've already accomplished?
I really wanted a pegboard with all my tools outlined on it and I have achieved this!

Years at GDS?
Three years down and two months into year four!

With a tip from Christal, we reached out to hear what a colleague had to say...
On August 25, 2021, High School Performing Arts Teacher Laura Rosberg wrote: "First Day back. I spotted her across jam packed rooms during Faculty/Staff meetings. And then we collided and I got a hug (despite Covid) that warmed from tip top to toe. Christal laughs. She commands with a laugh. She compromises with a laugh. She empathizes and consoles with a laugh. Her laughter comes from a deep place, a place of extraordinary experience in both her personal and professional life. I know it, but, more importantly, the kids know it. They know she's there 110% for each of them. They know by her laugh that nothing they've done or said or not done or said is wrong or bad. It's a learning moment and she will teach them with love and good humor. August 25. I didn't want to return to campus. Now I can't wait to make magic with Christal and the kids."

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