Meet Carlos Angulo!

Danny Stock

As part of our ongoing series Meet Our GDS Faculty and Staff, we are excited to present: Meet Carlos Angulo!

Read the Q&A below to learn more about Carlos.

Primary Role: High School History Teacher

Pronouns: he/him

Years at GDS: 4.5 years 

What do you love about GDS?
The students and their intellectual curiosity, generosity of spirit, and sense of humor.

Why do you do your job?
A love of history (and sports) and the connections forged with my students

Something you made, created, or accomplished you can proudly share?
I am proud of conceiving the “Europe Between the Wars” upper-level class, which I created and has proven successful and popular in the two years I have taught it.

Your work style in three words?
Informal. Energetic. Rigorous.

Other GDS activities or roles that community members may not know about?
Carlos is the High School JV Men's Soccer Team Head Coach

A top hope/wish for your students and/or colleagues?
I hope that we are all given the freedom to explore and learn what is best about ourselves in whatever we do in the world.

Minimester 2022 on DC Punk

Personal passions/hobbies/pastimes?
Sports—soccer, of course!
Music—Carlos led a 2021 High School minimester course on the DC punk scene.
Travel—My trips to the Republic of Georgia in 2021 and Ireland in 2022 were both incredibly special, in part because they represented escapes from COVID-imposed isolation.

A recent favorite…
1977 album Marquee Moon by the band Television.

Tell us about your family (and pet). 
My daughter, Noura, is a member of the GDS Class of 2022 and began at Barnard this fall. My son, Karim, is studying acting at SUNY Purchase. My dog, Cosmo the cockapoo, lies around the house and waits patiently and with great anticipation for human company.

One thing about yourself your students/colleagues/others probably don't know?
My musical tastes run toward the loud and fast.

One thing on your life "bucket list" you've already accomplished?
Teaching history and coaching soccer at a great school

One thing on your life “bucket list” you have yet to accomplish?
More travel…much more.

GDS History Lab collaboration featuring notable women in history—a museum-quality interactive experience!

With a tip from Carlos, we reached out to hear what a colleague had to say...
Longtime High School history teacher Richard Avidon wrote, “How lucky we are to have Carlos come from the practice of law into the teaching profession. He is a natural here. He arrived as a long-term sub for my older kid's U.S. History: Gender course and immediately won the class over with his intelligence and warmth. He has been a regular since that year; my other kid has the pleasure of having him now for the second year in a row. Carlos is a lovely colleague—caring, independent-minded, and funny. His blood does indeed run green, which is the highest praise I have for any GDS adult, praise which usually takes many years to earn.”

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