Meaningful Participation

Danny Stock

Since its inception, the One GDS Community Crisis Fund has drawn support from every community constituency at all donor levels. The fund, which is committed to supporting families who have suffered economically as a result of COVID-19, will provide additional financial aid resources to keep our wonderful community whole. Additionally, a portion of the funds raised will be set aside for use at the Head of School’s discretion, to allow for maximum flexibility in addressing other needs that may arise for faculty, staff, and other members of the community as a result of this pandemic.

Along with their gifts, donors included comments that spoke to the mission-driven work of GDS, the dedication of our teachers, and the care given to our families. In this post and in the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite comments, in hopes that you will consider joining current families, faculty, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, former faculty, and others by becoming a supporter of the One GDS Community Crisis Fund.

Former GDS parent and teacher Maria Lawson (2nd grade) donated to the fund in its first week. She wrote, “I love the way the community rallies when it's important. I love that as a former parent and faculty member, I still feel included in the GDS Community. I love that from the crisis, parents and others have come together to share through Zoom conferences. I love, love, love GDS, and I will forever be grateful that I was and remain a part of it."

During Teacher Appreciation Week, dozens of current and former parents as well as alumni gave gifts in a teacher’s name. “Gift in honor of Kevin Barr for his many years of dedication to GDS and the broader community,” one donor wrote. Others named Laura Rosberg, Christal Boyd, Mike Wenthe, Michelle Cobb, Khalid Bashir, Jan Braumuller, Kevin Jackson, Richard Avidon, John Burghardt, and also “the coaches of the women’s lacrosse team, who organized a wonderful car parade to honor our seniors.”

Dozens of current staff members, even as they have made GDS proud with their nimble innovation in the shift to distance learning, have gone above and beyond to contribute to the fund. Their comments show that they are thinking of their colleagues and their students. Lower School P.E. teacher JT Trembly wrote, “I love the GDS mission because it allows teachers like me to educate children through a lens that is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. I'm blessed to be a member of such a caring and supportive GDS Community that I also call my family.”

One current parent donor wrote, “"I love GDS because it is the type of school that sets up a fund like this." Again and again, when asked “What do you love about GDS?” so many donors began by writing “everything.” So whether there is something (or someone) specific you are thinking about when you think about your love for GDS or whether it’s just “everything,” please consider donating today to help us keep the community whole.

Noteworthy Numbers:
100% of the board of trustees have donated
100% of the alumni board have donated

Truly a gift of any size will make a difference in keeping our community together. It is our hope that the fund will allow members of the GDS community to do what we do best—lean into our mission and come together to support each other as One GDS.
If you have questions, please contact Lindsey Jacobson, Associate Director of Development at or 202-295-1061