March 2024 Accolades

March 2024 Accolades
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New Middle School Representation in the Bees–
International Academic Competitions (IAC) Washington, DC Regional Finals:

Please congratulate GDS Middle Schoolers Max Badel ʼ31, Paul Bloch-Prime ʼ31, Nate Feldman ʼ30, Oliver Elleithee ʼ31, Luca Goldenberg ʼ31, Jason Saferstein ʼ31, and Jake Teitelbaum ʼ30, on their stellar performance in the International Academic Competitions (IAC) Washington, DC Regional Finals in early March at the Center City Public Charter Schools at Petworth Campus. Each student competed in the History Bee, Geography Bee, and/or Science Bee. 

Paul and Max won first and second place in the History Bee, bringing home medals and qualifying for both Nationals in history and the International History Olympiad. Jason, Oliver, and Nate also qualified for Nationals in history.

In the Geography Bee, Nate medaled in second place, and Nate, Jake, and Paul qualified for Nationals in geography and for the International Geography Championships. Max and Jason also qualified for Nationals in geography.

In the Science Bee, Paul brought home a second place medal, and Paul, Max, Jason, and Nate all qualified for Nationals in science and for the International Environmental Science Olympiads.

Nationals for all subjects will be held this May in Orlando.

Please share a thank you to high schoolers Ben Hellman ʼ25, Haughton Neppl ʼ27, and Lomahn Sun ʼ26 for helping train many of these students through the 360 program.  

2024 Washington DC History Bee and Bowl State Championships:

On March 16, GDS hosted the Washington, DC Championships History Bee & Bowl tournament. Sixteen teams participated in the History Bowl and many individual students participated in the History Bee. In all, twelve schools competed.

In the History Bowl Varsity Division (12th grade and under), GDS’s Ben Hellman ʼ25, Luke Fedorchak ʼ24, Alex Donath ʼ26, and Henry Fragale ʼ26 placed third, and in the JV Division, (10th grade and under), GDS students Haughton Neppl ʼ27 and Lomahn Sun ʼ26 took first place. GDS also welcomed new high school quiz bowlers Nate Ridl ʼ26, Dominic Bloch-Prime ʼ26, Raghav Belle Trichur ʼ26, and Nick Salehizadeh ʼ26.

Ten GDS middle schoolers participated in the Middle School Division (8th grade and under). In the History Bowl, the GDS middle school team of Claire Saunders ʼ31, Paul Bloch-Prime ʼ31, and Cadel Behbahani ʼ31, took first place, while the GDS team with Max Badel ʼ31, Jason Saferstein ʼ31, Jake Teitelbaum ʼ30 took second, and Nate Feldman ʼ30, the team of Ari Arora ʼ31, Oliver Elleithee ʼ31, and Solon Chhabra’s ʼ31 took third place.

GDS students also brought home many individual awards in the History Bee. In the Varsity Division, Ben and Luke won second and third place, respectively. In the JV Division, Haughton won first place, and in the Middle School Division, Max, Nate, and Cadel won first, second and third place, respectively.  


Debate team captain Clio Blum ʼ25 reported a sweeping win for GDS debate students who secured both first-year and varsity divisions in the New York Lakeland debate tournament, a national tournament with 500+ competitors representing 72 schools from 20 different states.

Congratulations go to Ike Song ʼ24 and Ila Dohrmann ʼ24 for taking first place in the Policy Tournament for the Varsity Division, to Clio Blum ʼ25 and Mina Holtzman ʼ27 who scored 4-2 in the preliminary rounds, making it to Octofinals on their first tournament debating together, and to  Dhilan Desai ʼ25 and Kevin Xia ʼ25 who scored 4-2 in the preliminary rounds and also made it to Octofinals.

In addition, Ike placed second best speaker, and Ila Dohrmann ʼ24 placed sixth. 

In the novice division, there were also major victories for all four novice teams. Please congratulate Rebecca Noland ʼ27 and Joseph Xu ʼ27; Noa Henderson ʼ26 and Arielle Stopak ʼ27 who went undefeated in the preliminary rounds (5-0), Willa Wible ʼ27 and Alicia Kim ʼ27, who scored 4-1, and Madeleine Genia ʼ26 and Emi Fitzgibbons ʼ26, who scored 3-2.

Rebecca and Joseph, and Noa and Arielle made it to finals and closed out the Novice Policy Tournament. 

In addition: 

Will Wible ʼ27 placed second best speaker.

Madeleine Genia ʼ26 placed third best.

Alicia Kim ʼ27 placed fifth best.

Rebecca Noland ʼ27 placed sixth best.

Emi Fitzgibbons ʼ26 placed seventh best.

Joseph Xu ʼ27 placed tenth best.


Congratulations to GDS's Middle School math team: Gavin Wang ʼ28, Thalia Grigsby ʼ28, Arav Bapna ʼ28, and Eesha Parekh ʼ29, who finished fourth overall in the DC state MathCOUNTS competition in mid-March. Gavin, who took first place, and Thalia, who took third place, will represent the District as part of the four-person team at the National MathCOUNTS competition in May. 

HS Robotics:

Congratulations to the GDS Mighty Hopper High School Robotics Team #8326! In early March, the team traveled to Ashland, Virginia. for their first competition of the season, competing in this year's FIRST Competition game entitled Crescendo. For more detailed information about the game structure, watch this video. Competition results are logged here: The Blue Alliance.

GDS’s team was 8-7-0 in official play in 2024. As a member of the FIRST Chesapeake district, GDS ranked 45 having earned 27 points. Out of 30 teams, GDS finished eighth in the qualifying rounds. It's a 3 on 3 game, so the top 8 teams choose two more teams to compete in the double elimination tournament. (Team 1 picks team 2, at which point the rest of the teams slide up and team 9 becomes the 8th place team.) When it was GDS’s turn to pick our first alliance member team, we were in 6th place. In the elimination tournament, we lost our first match, won our second, and lost our third, tying for 5th place.

The second tournament of the season was this past weekend at Archbishop Spalding High School in Severn, Maryland. The Mighty Hoppers Robotics team did well again.

Despite the robot getting beat up in a few matches early on, the team was able to quickly come up with some solutions to fix parts between matches, and ultimately, finished the qualifying rounds ranked 12 out of 38. For the final elimination tournament, they captained the 7th seed team, allowing them to pick which teams they wanted to work with Sunday afternoon. They finished tied for 7th place.

Currently they are ranked 32nd in the District out of 138 teams, with several other teams set to play their second round of the season this coming weekend. 

On March 24, we will find out if we are one of the top 57 teams that will be invited to the District Championship happening April 3-6. Wish the GDS Mighty Hoppers good luck for Sunday! 

You can watch the Severn competition here and click here for our team results for events.

Credit: Shilpa Satoskar

Credit: Shilpa Satoskar


March 2024 Accolades
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