Lower School Gratitude Assembly

Lower School Gratitude Assembly
Danny Stock

In appreciation of the 2nd grade:

On the Tuesday before the Thanksgiving Break, Lower School students attended the Gratitude Assembly, the first of our five major annual assemblies. The teachers and performing arts team prepared a program that seamlessly blended poetry, music, and dance. In small groups, students performed poems of thankfulness. They sang “There Are Many Things I’m Thankful For” and “Count Your Many Blessings.” Their dances showed off some of the synchronized movements they learned in dance classes. In preparation for the assembly, 2nd graders interviewed students throughout the Lower School on camera, asking them to share their gratitude. Audience members watched the film before joining a community sing of the Raffi song “Thanks A Lot.” The Lower School certainly has a lot to be thankful for. Way to go, 2nd grade!

Thanks also to the 4th-grade chorus for opening the assembly with a song!

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Lower School Gratitude Assembly
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