“Let’s Go, Band!”

Danny Stock

GDS 4th grade band members closed out the 2019-20 school year—their first playing these instruments—performing the traditional “fight song” of GDS Lower School band: “Let’s Go, Band!”

As part of a distance learning community building effort, students sent band leader Tricia Melka photographs of them with their instruments. The (seriously sweet) photos showed one player playing trombone while standing on the roof of the family car, another cuddled in bed with a trumpet, and still another posed with a clarinet in front of a flower garden.

As the end of the year approached, many students submitted recordings of themselves playing “Let’s Go, Band!” at home while matching the rhythm Tricia set for them. She then stitched the recordings together into a single audio track, which now plays beneath a slideshow of the images.

Tricia wrote:

Dear 4th grade band and families,

Congratulations! It's been quite the year, but you've worked hard and learned a brand new instrument and how to play together as an ensemble. This year's concert is like no other—please enjoy! ...Not all were able to contribute to the recording, but you should all be very proud of your hard work this year!

Well done, 4th grade instrumentalists!!

Please enjoy the slideshow with audio and then join us in applauding this courageous start to instrumental music.

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