Kickin’ it with Kindness Week

Danny Stock

This week, the Lower School kicked off their sixth year participating in the Great Kindness Challenge. Lower School counselor Meryl Heyliger said, “Every day of the week teachers will be encouraging students to show kindness to themselves, to others, and to our environment.” 

Teachers have been submitting testimonials from students about the acts of kindness they’ve observed or done themselves. “Love reading entries about kids helping parents with chores, making lunch for a grandparent, and an older sibling helping their younger sibling clean their desk,” Meryl said. “Also, so much care [was given] to look for a lost tooth!”

Meryl has been tracking these acts of kindness in a friendly competition between the grades. While the prize itself will be determined through a lottery, she hopes the competition will deliver plenty of “smiles and laughter.”

On Tuesday, Lower School students joined High School students connected to the Peer Leadership Program to play games and make cards or signs for children with complex medical needs and their caregivers at Eliana's Light

Celebrating kindness, even with friendly competition, has been elevating the importance of the virtue during a time when it’s much appreciated by families, faculty, and our extended communities beyond GDS. 

Parents can get involved in celebrating and encouraging kindness at home, using this checklist for families.

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