Invite Us In

Daniel Stock

The distance that separates us is physical, but, as many GDS teachers, advisors, and students are learning, we don't need to feel distant from each other. Across the school, teachers and advisors are engaging in activities that invite each other in and help us feel connected.

In one High School advisory group, students were invited to share "What or who is keeping you company." VIEW SLIDES>>

In 3rd grade, students were invited to test their logic and knowledge of their teachers in the "ridiculous" quiz "Whose House?" Students reflections on the activity (the last question) was a clever way for teachers to keep students writing and thinking about their experience. Some students noted, "It was very well thought out. I can tell that the teachers worked hard to make this. It was a very great idea!" Others said, "I liked trying to guess it based on the teachers personality. I found this quiz very fun!" And, "Who has so many knives?!!?!"

Samples from the 3rd grade "Quiz"

During a 5th grade grade class meeting, students shared what's been keeping their spirits up and their hands busy. One student played guitar for his classmates!

Phineas plays for his classmates and teachers during a Zoom call

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