Haiku and Poe-Tree

Haiku and Poe-Tree
Danny Stock


Daniel Farber '23 won the youth division in the District’s Inaugural Poe-Tree Contest! Click the link and scroll down to the youth winners section to read his poem. 

The District Department of Transportation's Urban Forestry Division (DDOT UFD) is the primary steward of Washington, DC's ~170,000 public trees and has a mission of keeping this resource “healthy, safe, and growing!” DDOT UFD’s website states, “Trees in the city are critical to our well-being. Among many other benefits, these trees improve our air and water quality, cool our neighborhoods, and provide critical habitat for birds, bees, and...people, too!...Washington, DC stands apart from most other US cities when it comes to trees. Trees were considered so essential that they were included as an integral part of the original design for the District.”

For Daniel’s prize, DDOT UFD will be planting a tree in the park of his choice. Congratulations, Daniel!


In honor of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month and spring, we invited community members to submit haiku, a traditional Japanese poetic form. The submission form remains open all month long—easy to remember at www.bit.ly/gdshaiku. We’ve gathered a short selection of poems submitted so far this month

Kind like shooting stars
are a colorful rainbow
sparkles in moonlight

Elina ’31 

Spring time!
Purple skies, fresh air,
Dark skies, birds chirping all night,
Sunset rise, spring time!  


shootings, racism
Why is hate so prominent? 
our fight, against fear


To My Colleagues:
What a crazy year
Covid, racism, election
Glad you have my back

Paula Young Shelton

skittering up trees with ease
stealing and hoarding the nuts 
swiping from the birds

Peter ’29

They scream and shout hate
I am scared, fearful, but strong
I will make it through

Chetan Le ’27 

I am so sorry.
We should never judge people.
I will march with you.

Jibril Nashid ’27 

Summer is coming
Cicadas are on the rise
Observe with wonder.

Kim Palombo

The cicadas come.
Eeeek. They shed and love and die.
Go away, odd bugs.

Tenley Peterson

Note to Self
Sunshine envelopes 
The note reminds me to breathe 
Exhaled a warm smile

Marlo Thomas

Stuffie Day in PK Zoom.
Peg’s PE woot, woot.
Sloths, bears, lions, and bunnies.

Peg Schultz

Many birds chirping
Trees blowing in the swift wind
The sun warming earth 

Emma ’29

Gentle and soothing
the current shifts suddenly 
Fast and furious.  

Evelyn ’29

Bacon is the best!
I dream of crispy bacon.
Yummy! *wipes drool*

Stephen Harris

Haiku and Poe-Tree
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