Gratitude Across the Divisions

Danny Stock

Treasuring traditions, a pandemic notwithstanding, GDS’s three divisions honored the virtue of gratitude virtually prior to the Thanksgiving Break.

The Lower School Gratitude Assembly featured three dances—including this one—as well as expressions of gratitude, a discussion of what it means to be thankful, and rhythmic musical performances. You’ll note that some of the students performed from on campus and others from home.

The Middle School Gratitude Assembly featured personal expressions of gratitude, spoken and sung, from students and teachers as well as a xylophone performance of “Mbira Jan” by Walt Hampton recorded in-person by the 6th grade in our new LMS building.

The High School Gratitude Assembly recording featured expressions of gratitude from students and teachers as well as a performance of a song of gratitude in Chinese.

While students, staff, and families continue trying to hold each other up during this difficult time, an attitude of gratitude can uplift the community in meaningful ways. Thank you to students and staff across the three divisions for reminding us of all for which we can be grateful.

  • High School
  • Lower School
  • Middle School