Good Neighbors

Good Neighbors
Danny Stock
In partnership with Tenleytown Main Street, the GDS 7th grade traveled from MacArthur Boulevard to the neighborhood of our future unified campus for community service focused on clean-up, gardening, and beautification.

This was the first community engagement outing for the GDS Middle School Conservation Corps. The program, designed for 7th grade students, follows the structure guiding all GDS community engagement endeavors. First, students engage from the HEART by establishing an emotional, human understanding of the topic. Through the winter, they’ll next focus on HEAD work; that is, approaching learning more intellectually through interviews with experts and group research. By spring, the focus will shift to active, HANDS-on conservation work. Tackling complex problems through “heart, head, and hands” perspectives ensures meaningful learning, enduring empathy, skillful advocacy, and a powerful drive to make a difference.

Under the guidance of Tenleytown Main Street's Design Committee leading member John Wheeler, an expert in trees, plants, invasive species, and environmental care, 7th grade advisories targeted specific high-traffic areas in Tenleytown. In four teams, they collected trash—approximately 100 pounds!—removed invasive weeds, and gathered recyclables. They also learned to address the problem of microtrash in the neighborhood around our future unified campus. Next, they’ll continue to volunteer with organizations that focus on restoring DC’s environment and encourage responsible consumer behavior (like recycling).

Thanks to Tenleytown Main Street for steering our efforts to live purposefully, engage ethically, and always be good neighbors.
Good Neighbors
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