GDS HS Contemplates Renovation

Danny Stock

When the High School’s Student Staff Council (SSC) met with the GDS Board of Trustees last month, one note they shared was, “We need more space,” a refrain we have heard regularly as the High School has grown course offerings and student support. 

We last undertook a renovation of the High School in 2013, when we expanded the library, innovation space, and faculty lounge and offices on the first and second floor. We have identified a need to renovate once again in order to have more—and  better—student-centered spaces as well as increased opportunities for cross-curricular collaboration and innovation. 

To that end, we have begun planning a building update for the High School. Early iterations of this work go back to 2019, with High School leadership exploring what our needs are and what might be possible within the space. We are working in partnership with the same Bowie-Gridley architecture team who led the expansion of our High School facility in 2006. To be clear, there is still much work to be done to identify needs, gather community input, produce a design, apply for permits, and determine financing. 

In the coming months, we look forward to inviting student and faculty collaboration on this process, and we will begin sharing details of the hoped-for project and the possible timing of the construction with the broader community. Please stay tuned for more information this spring.

Our High School is already a dynamic learning environment and we're excited by the prospect of evolving the space to best serve our students and community.

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