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You know our faculty and staff by the excellence they demonstrate in their classrooms or office roles at GDS, but you may not know of the nonfiction, fiction, technical, and scholarly works they have recently published beyond their primary work at GDS. Their professional work beyond GDS enriches our community, and we therefore commend to you the following written-word publications. We look forward to sharing the exciting work our faculty and staff are producing in other fields in the coming weeks.

Out This Weekend!

Cover of the novel "Stealing the Scream" by Theodore (aka Todd) Carter, depicting the painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.

Third grade teacher Todd Carter’s (aka Theodore Carter) novel Stealing "The Scream" officially releases this Sunday, September 15. Edvard Munch's "The Scream" was recovered two years after it was stolen without explanation from Norwegian police. According to advance publicity, “This literary-leaning, humor-laced, crime novel Stealing 'The Scream' tells what may have happened.” Todd will be promoting his book during Art All Night in Tenleytown with an original art piece installed by St. Ann’s Church. We hope to see you there. Pre-order the book » Todd has two previous collections of short stories and has appeared in various journals including The North American Review.




Out This Month!

Cover of "Parents" magazine with a cover showing a smiling parent and child.
High School history teacher Marjorie Brimley has published a piece in a special edition of Parents magazine. This "Balancing Your Life" special edition features Marjorie’s article “A Village of Love.” Pick one up in the grocery checkout line this week through November. Marjorie is a freelance writer who has multiple publications in the Washington Post and Vox among others, including “My dad’s lesson on parenting through grief, served with a side of eggs.”




Out This Month!

A splash page of an article with an image of children on a beach with the text "Data-Informed Auxiliary Programs"
Vinita Ahuja is our director of auxiliary and extended learning programs and strategic projects at GDS. Last year, while in conversation with a former employee of the National Business Officers Association (NBOA)—also a GDS parent—Vinita was encouraged to submit an article based on her use of data in decision making for independent school auxiliary programming to the NBOA magazine, Net Assets. With their mission of “advancing business excellence in independent schools,” Net Assets just published Vinita’s “Data-Informed Auxiliary Programs,” featuring lessons learned at GDS and photographs of GDS students, of course!

From This Summer!

Cover of the Book "LGBTQ Pocket Guide to Family Planning" by Azureé I. Harrison with an image of a rainbow on the cover.

Second grade teacher Azureé Harrison published The LGBTQ Pocket Guide for Family Planning: How to tell if you and your partner are ready, exploring fertility options together, and what to expect when ... (The LGBTQ Pocket Guide Series Book 1) this summer. Order now » When she and her wife began family planning, Azureé struggled to find books that spoke to the unique journey of family planning for LGBTQ+ couples, especially books that spoke to non-carrying partners. Azureé began the series inspired by Toni Morrison's words, "If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." She is currently at work on the second book in the series.



From Last Spring!

A teacher and group of students posing together in a classroom.

High School science teacher Bill Wallace collaborated with Dr. Christopher Harris of Backyard Brains and NIH to bring neurorobotics to the High School classroom. Their ongoing work with students was documented in this news story and in our spring edition of the Georgetown Days magazine (page 4). Bill co-authored “Short Neurorobotics Workshop for High School Students Promotes Competence and Confidence in Computational Neuroscience.” 



Laura Yee is Georgetown Day School’s assistant head of school for curriculum and instruction. Laura came to GDS while deeply engaged in equity-centered educational research and has continued to publish while developing faculty capacities around equitable best practices. She recently co-authored “Power, Penalty, and Critical Praxis: Employing Intersectionality in Educator Practices to Achieve School Equity” in The Educational Forum with former GDS DEI advisor Roderick Carey and David DeMatthews. The piece guides readers through examples of intersectionality-aware school practices that can ensure diverse communities meet the needs of all their learners.


Cover of the book "Child of the Civil Rights" by Paula Young Shelton, showing a young girl with a flag that says "Equality."

Following on the wonderful success of her Child of the Civil Rights Movement, 1st grade teacher Paula Young Shelton has written Just Like Jesse Owens. This new children’s book delivers “a story from the life of Andrew Young, civil rights activist, former mayor of Atlanta, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and Paula's father,” according to advance publicity from Scholastic. It will feature illustrations by Caldecott Honor and Coretta Scott King Honor medalist Gordon James. Look for this title in spring 2020.


A teacher and group of students posing together in a classroom.

Bill Wallace and co-author Christopher Harris with the HS neurobiology students who were part of this educational study

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