Free to Be Me Assembly 2021

Free to Be Me Assembly 2021
Danny Stock

The annual Free to Be Me Assembly is one of GDS’s cornerstone assemblies and celebrates all kinds of families, self-determination, LGBTQ+ pride, inclusion, and comprehensive belonging. The virtual assembly this year, led as always by the 4th grade, facilitated the intentional inclusion of the performing and visual arts, centered and uplifted LGBTQ+ voices, and highlighted student voices. The 4th grade students did nearly all of the talking—one kindergartener remarked, “Wow, they are doing so great. They sound like parents!” 

In place of acting out some of the traditional skits, students drew scenes to tell the stories, including “The Duchess Who Outlawed Jelly Beans." They were thoughtful about the representation of diverse families and gender expression in their drawings, down to the clothing their characters wore. The 4th grade team expressed gratitude for the input of LGBTQ+-identifying faculty/staff members, who informed on the various components of the assembly program.

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Free to Be Me Assembly 2021
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