Community Norms and Creativity

Danny Stock

From both the Lower School and Middle School this week, students and teachers animated their understanding of shared community norms with joyful creativity. In one activity, 4th graders transformed their classroom norms into works of art with found objects in their homes. They spelled the words out with whatever interesting items they chose. One student wrote “be flexible” in penne, another student wrote “joy” with hockey sticks, and yet another wrote “[be] kind” with classroom materials and a set of headphones.

Seventh graders demonstrated their understanding of the Middle School community norms with a mix of clever, thought-provoking, and hilariously creative posts through a shared digital board. Each column represented one of the norms: Act with courage; Learn from Setbacks and Successes; Take Care of Ourselves and Each Other; and Create and Innovate. As you wade through pages and pages of the 7th grade posts—if you dare—see if you can spot Star Wars references, the lifecycle of a caterpillar, an original instrumental composition, a brave pencil, and lots of stuffed animals. The comments students posted to each other’s posts might actually be the best part of all. 

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