Chinese Language Publication Accepts GDS Student Essays

Danny Stock
Building upon the success of last year’s published authors in a prestigious Chinese language journal, four GDS Chinese language students’ essays have been selected in the JUHE Supplement《居荷副刊》, the most renowned Chinese journal for Chinese language learners in North America. This journal mostly publishes essays of university-level students, including Michigan University, Columbia University, Northwestern University, Purdue University, Johns Hopkins University, and Notre Dame. Last year, essays from only a few high schools were published.

JUHE supplement 《居荷副刊》 is an annual magazine dedicated to the publication of fine Chinese essays written by learners of Chinese as a foreign language for the purpose of promoting Chinese study in North America.

The four students who were accepted to publication are taking Advanced Topics in Chinese Studies I and II, the latter receiving the new GDS Upper Level (UL) course designation. Chinese teacher Min Wang said, “Congratulations to Ilan Hamond ’21, Justice Shelton ’21, Mira Brodsky ’20, and Addie Lowenstein ’22! I am so proud of their accomplishments!”

In describing her experience crafting the piece 我的中国梦 "My Chinese Dream", 罗艾青 Addie said, “In writing the essay, we had to incorporate a lot of the topics covered during the first semester into a single essay by trying to encompass them under one general theme. Trying to decide how I could accomplish this, I reflected a lot on my experience learning Chinese at different schools, why I started learning Chinese so young, and how I hope it can remain a big part of my life after school. Overall, writing this essay reminded me of how much I've loved learning Chinese and exploring Chinese culture, as well as how much I appreciate the opportunity to continue taking it.”

何奕天 Ilan and 史哲迪 Justice submitted a co-written piece entitled 美国和英国的新年 "New Year Celebrations in the U.S. and UK.” They explained, “Our essay was about combining our experiences from new year festivals in the UK and the U.S. We compared the basic cultural differences, including varying kinds of foods, colors, and events that take place on the night of New Year's Eve. Learning Chinese is a difficult process, so Justice and I decided to work together to create a more coherent essay. Of course, we couldn't have written this essay or received this honor without the help of our teacher, Min Wang. We hope our Chinese-writing ability increases over the next year, and we're glad that we were given this opportunity.”

白蔓榕 Mira submitted a piece entitled 中国菜的历史 "History of Chinese Dishes" based upon her first-hand experiences living in China. She said, “After living with two different families in China and traveling around the country, I’ve tasted a variety of different Chinese foods. In my essay I wrote about the different flavors in different regions of China and how the delicious foods inspired me to keep cooking. I’d like to thank Min Wang for all of her help and support throughout the process of writing this!”

The editor-in-chief of the journal sent a note of gratitude to Min and the students, noting that they had received 125 submissions from 23 different programs. Due to limited publication space they could select only 35 essays. Still, that means nearly 10% of the North American journal pieces are written by GDS students!

Also of note, Min announced that all of the upper level Chinese students' essays will be published in the second issue of GDS’s own Grasshopper Chinese Journal in March 2020, thanks to a generous donation from GDS parent, Kenneth Tan (Ren-E Tan ’21). The 2019 edition of the Grasshopper Chinese Journal is available online.

The 2019 JUHE Supplement is available online, and a link for the 2020 journal will be available soon.

Full list of High Schoolers whose writing is represented in the Grasshopper Chinese Journal:

Level 3 Chinese Class: Chinese Language and Culture I
Sahari Abney '22艾诗琳
Ava Blum '23宗岫
Dylan Bronner '22庞岱岚
Shai Dweck '22代善
Miles Huh '22许荣茂

Level 4 Chinese Class: Chinese Language and Culture II
Alessandro Arioti ’21 艾山卓
Pallavi Bhargava ’22 白萍雅
Julius Boxer-Cooper ’22 朱立思
Ike Cymerman ’22 萨爱思
Julian Galkin ’22 高居廉
Sofia Greenfield ’22 古思飞
Asaad Hassan ’21 韩森
Tabitha Lynn ’21 林碧丽
Carly Paschall ’21 庞开丽
Lizzie Rosenman ’22 罗立孜
Joyce Simmons ’22 石瑞雪
Harrison West ’22 西海瑞
Annabel Williams ’22 卫安娜
Nathan Wohlstadter ’21 王汉文
Kaiden Yu '23俞仲威
John Yuan '23袁 全
Sophie Zinn ’22 曾苏飞

Level 5 Chinese Class : Advanced Topics in Chinese Studies I
Aidan Banerjee ’21 叶文冰
Teddy Boss ’20 贝拓德
Reuben Charles '21张入邦
Olivia Gottdenker ’21 高恩雅
Ilan Hamond ’21 何奕天
Sivana Hamond ’21 何思娜
Cole Leonard ’21 罗克
Rachel Passer ’21 裴芮秋
Jack Shambaugh ’21 沈杰
Justice Shelton ’21 史哲迪
Alistair Simmons ’21 石力达
Ethan Sze ’20 施敬文
Ren Tan ’21 陈仁毅

Level 6 Chinese Class: Advanced Topics in Chinese Studies II (UL)
Wes Cooper ’20 孔维轩
Corey DiBianco ’20 迪欣
Viraj Prakash ’20 朴卫吉
Lara Stroud ’20 石玲然
Abigail Bergreen ’20 白爱蓓
Mira Brodsky '20 白蔓榕
Micah Hurewitz ’20 洪明凯
Addie Lowenstein ’22 罗艾青
Kate Strong ’20 史可恬
Berret Yuffee ’20 余蓓芮