Change Begins at Home

Change Begins at Home
Danny Stock

Tools for Nurturing Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias Attitudes in your Child(ren)

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Image: Michelle Harris of Parenting Pathfinders.
Credit Rob Mostransky of REM Designs.

Upcoming Event

November 16, Change Begins at Home for parents with children grades 7–12. Look for a Paperless Post invitation from the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

On Monday, Michelle Harris of Parenting Pathfinders hosted an outstanding anti-racist parenting workshop for parents with children in PK–6th grades as part of the ongoing Dinner & Conversations series through the DEI office. Ms. Harris guided parents through essential conversations around implicit bias, intersectionality, and the importance of employing explicit counternarratives as part of our anti-racist parenting toolkit. She modeled the kind of language parents can use with children and identified opportunities anti-racist parents can take to interrupt systems of advantage/disadvantage and oppression. The evening event gave parents a chance to connect socially both in the larger group but also in smaller, brief breakout room activities. 

Parents of older children (grades 7–12) will benefit from Ms. Harris’s workshop on Monday, November 16, where they can expect to think meaningfully about anti-racist teen parenting. 

Learn more about how this work is part of our comprehensive anti-racist action plan. Do you have questions about this event or need help locating the invitation? Contact


Parenting Pathfinders P.E.A.C.E Guide >>

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Change Begins at Home
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