Celebrating Hoppers Celebrating America

Danny Stock

Since June 2020, Annalise Myre ’19 has interned for Stephanie Cutter at Precision Strategies, a strategic marketing firm with particular expertise in U.S. politics. Ms. Cutter served as the chief program executive for the Democratic National Convention and an executive producer for the Presidential Inauguration. Annalise was part of the small team that worked on all the messaging, format, and videos produced. As the inauguration approached, the team was charged with developing ideas for a COVID-19 memorial, a talent list, and series of real, hometown heroes for a virtual “parade.”

Annalise proposed the idea of the COVID-19 memorial of lights at the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool and brought the Detroit nurse Lori Marie Key on board to sing “Amazing Grace” for the event.

As a member of the Parade Across America team, she worked to select heroes to highlight, approve videos, and create briefing materials for the Biden leadership team. She proposed a fellow alum for one of the hometown hero features.

Finally, Annalise worked on the evening program “Celebrating America.” She served as a video segment producer, helped find the real-people stories, and created the messaging for the “Celebrating Americans Who…” segments.

“It was an honor just to be in the room where it happened and have my ideas heard,” she said. “GDS prepared me for that creative thinking and to have that confidence!”

Though you may not have seen Annalise during the events, those who watched certainly felt the impact of her work, perhaps recognizing the themes of compassion, commitment to purpose, joy, and hopefulness carried on from GDS. 

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