Catch Some Zzzs and Graph It

Danny Stock

CONTENT WARNING: Adults readers of this post may experience conflicting and totally rational feelings of jealousy, relief, and wonder. Continue at your own risk.

In a clever blending of their wellness and math curricula, 3rd grade teachers asked students to track their hours of sleep each night and create sleep graphs to represent their restedness. Their bar graphs showed from eight to 11 hours of sleep per night [insert mix of adult feelings here] and included a chart key, labels for the x- and y-axis, and a title. You can check out a few samples of their graphs below.

In addition, as part of student social-emotional learning (SEL) support, teachers introduced mindful breathing practices and invited students to submit videos of themselves using this wellness strategy.

You can watch Soli teach her younger sister Bubble Breathing and Kamau demonstrate Bee Breathing


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