Breaking Bread Together

Danny Stock

Part I: Seniors on a Quest
The Class of 2020 should be off on their [Senior] Quests, so to speak. So why are the six Seniors in Marjorie’s advisory group still showing up every Wednesday to join her and two Juniors? Might be something about community and all that, but at least last week, two students were there “questing.” Emily Axelrod ’20 and Mica Maltzman ’20 have teamed up to “attempt to cook a variety of different Jewish recipes,” they explained. “We’ve made six different foods so far, starting with bagels!”

Last week, they contacted Andrew Dana ’04, founder of Call Your Mother Deli, to learn about making bagels. (They also contacted a dozen bakeries and stores looking for malt luck). In their own homes, they made bagel dough on Monday, boiled and baked on Tuesday, and made no-contact deliveries early Wednesday morning to the homes of the other Seniors, two Juniors, and Marjorie. By the virtual advisory meeting, each member of the group was toasting two bagels and schmearing them up with whitefish salad, butter, or lox. After a virtual “bagel cheers,” they broke bread together. Needless to say, the bagels were delicious.

Part II: Scallion Pancakes
Assistant Head of School Laura Yee taught her advisees to make scallion pancakes during their meeting last week from their homes. Each advisee made their own dough and cooked their own pancakes during the live cooking lesson. Too many pancakes may have been eaten. In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, Laura was also sporting a t-shirt that won Zoom for the day. It read, "It's an honor just to be Asian."