April 2024 Accolades

April 2024 Accolades
Dani Seiss

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It’s Academic:

In April’s round of matches for It’s Academic, GDS was up against teams from LaPlata and Watkins Mill. GDS won games one and two, but just missed the semi finals by ten points.

Overall, they went far! Please congratulate them on a job well done!

Watch a match preview here.


HS Robotics:

Please congratulate the Mighty Hoppers HS Robotics team on their first trip to Divisional Championships! They entered as the last team out of 54, but by the end of the qualifying matches, they had moved up the ranking to 36th, and their final District ranking for the season was 48 out of 135 teams!

The Championship, which took place April 3-6 at Virginia State University in Petersburg, VA, was the last event for GDS this year. Our division sent 17 teams to the World Championships, which took place from April 17-20 in Houston, TX. 

The Robotics Team will be presenting at LMS STEAM Day, and will begin looking for sponsors and building skills for next year.



Congratulations to our GDS Scholastic Studio Art Awards Winners!


Anna Belber ʼ24: Ceramics, Silver Key (1); Sculpture, Honorable mention (1)
Elodie Feurence ʼ25: Ceramics, Gold Key (4), Silver Key (1); American Visions Nominee 
Anna Ford ʼ24: Ceramics, Gold Key (2)
Emerson Hardwick ʼ25: Ceramics, Honorable mention (1)
Jack Hoang ʼ25: Ceramics, Gold Key (2), Honorable mention (2)
Ava Lewis ʼ24: Ceramics, Gold Key (1)
Jaya Newingham ʼ25: Ceramics, Gold Key (1), Honorable mention (2)
Abby Quinn-Shores ʼ25: Ceramics, Gold Key (2), Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (1)
Saraswathi Swamy ʼ25: Ceramics, Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (2); Sculpture, Honorable mention (1) 

Painting and Drawing, Photography and 3D Art:

Hudson Brown ʼ24: Photography, Honorable mention (1)
Helene Burwell ʼ26: Photography, Gold Key (1)
Elsa Cheethamʼ24: Drawing and Illustration, Gold Key (1), Honorable mention (1)
Nura Idriss ʼ26: Photography, Honorable mention (2)
Robert Koukios ʼ24: Drawing and Illustration, Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (1)
Carter Kunz ʼ26: Photography, Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (1)
Marc Liebowitz ʼ26: Photography, Honorable mention (1)
Avery Ludlow ʼ24: 3D Digital Art, Honorable mention (1)
Quinn Magnell ʼ26: Painting (1), Honorable mention
Alex Marchand ʼ24: Digital Art, Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (1)
Theo Munro ʼ25: Mixed media, Honorable mention (1)
Robert Orseck ʼ25: Photography, Honorable mention (1)
Aditya Pathiyal ʼ27: 3D Digital Art, Honorable mention (1)
Dana Quint ʼ26: Design, Honorable mention (1)
Rian Russell ʼ24: Digital Art, Honorable mention (1)
Eleanor Schneider ʼ26: Painting, Honorable mention (1)
Max Stumpf ʼ24: Photography, Gold Key (1), Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (5); Digital Art, Honorable mention (2) 
Alrick Tougma ʼ27: Photography, Honorable mention (1)


Congratulations to GDS Scholastic Writing Awards recipients!

Sosena Audain ʼ26: Critical Essay, Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (1)
Anna Belber ʼ24: Poetry, Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (1)
Henry Cohen ʼ25: Humor, Honorable mention (1); Poetry, Silver Key (1); Critical Essay, Silver Key (1)
Navin Desai ʼ24: Poetry, Gold Key (1), Silver Key (1)
Eliana Green ʼ25: Critical Essay, Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (2); Poetry, Honorable mention (1)
Viktor Hall ʼ27: Poetry, Silver Key(1), Honorable mention (1)
Hana Sakr ʼ24: Poetry , Silver Key (1)
Ivy Sand ʼ26: Poetry, Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (1)
Rachel Schneider ʼ24:  Short Story, Silver Key (1), Honorable mention (1); Poetry, Gold Key (2), Honorable mention (1)
Arielle Stopak ʼ27: Poetry, Honorable mention (1)
Max Stumpf ʼ24: Short Story, Honorable mention (1)



Logan Shaw ʼ33 received a medal for placing 21st out of 409 participants for the K-12 section under an 800 rating in the U.S. Chess Federation’s 2024 National High School (K-12) Championship. He won five out of seven matches, drew one, and lost one. As a third grader, he was one of the youngest out of more than 1,900 participants from across the country. He played ninth to twelfth graders for six of his seven games, and was one of the top 35 participants in his section to receive a medal.

The tournament topped last year's attendance by more than 100 players. Out of twenty DC schools, GDS had three participants in the championship including Thalia Grigsby ʼ28, Jason Saferstein ʼ31, and Logan. Congratulations to all!



Augur Bit: 

Congratulations to Augur Bit editor-in-chief Callie Solomon ʼ25 and managing editors Peter Kumar ʼ25, and Jeremiah Farr ʼ25, who won second place in the Private School Journalism Association's editorial leadership contest.


April 2024 Accolades
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