A Teacher, A Baker, A Board-Game Maker

Danny Stock

Middle School Hopper Quest Gallery #3 Wows Attendees

Six Middle School students gave visitors a glimpse of their ongoing passion projects during the final Hopper Quest Gallery of the 2021-22 school year. In true GDS fashion, the projects represented a diversity of interests, a celebration of learning, and a desire to make a difference in the community.

What did the students actually do? The seeming simplicity of the projects might be misleading—don’t be fooled. Yes, it’s true students were baking, making a board game, researching religions, organizing a garage sale, planning a mural, and designing a lesson plan. But if you sit down to hear more about the projects from each presenter, as visitors to the gallery did, you’ll understand the ways students challenged themselves, with the guidance of their Quest advisors, to develop impactful projects.

The baker? A large portion of the presentation Elise ’27 gave was about mental health—not only the joys baking elicits from sweet treats and discovering the alchemy of barely burned sugar, but also the resiliency one must have to overcome in baking when COVID or overcooking turns a project on its head.

The board-game maker? While you play Climate Chaos, designed by Ben ’26, you’ll learn about the devastating impact of harvesting resources such as fossil fuels on the environment. You’ll experience increasing the risk of disasters and some of the technologies that can turn the tide. Choose your token carefully!

Researching religions? Sanae ’26 bravely shared their journey of struggling through the fits and starts of a western versus indigenous medicine project that did not develop as anticipated; and yet, their research developed into a website educating others about different burial rites among five diverse African tribes.

The garage sale? Not only did EJ ’26 negotiate the logistics of hosting a community donation-based sale but they also decided to incorporate a donors-choice menu of nonprofits to support from the proceeds. Learn about and support organizations doing good work while decluttering your home!

The muralist? Envision the plan Zoya ’26 put together for vibrantly painted columns in the LMS parking garage depicting a budding zoologist’s renditions of fascinating animals behaviors, including mimicry and aestivation (a period of prolonged dormancy, like hibernation, during the hottest months). Can you spot the camouflaged leaf mantis?

Lesson planning? How about a peer-taught Middle School survival guide tailored towards success for rising 7th and 8th grade students? Yes, please! With tips on writing polite, effective emails, taking notes, and managing your cubby, Mad ’26 upcoming course is sure to help a huge number of students be their best selves at school.

Hopper Quest Gallery returns in the fall for a new batch of leaders. What passion project will you lead?

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