4th Grade Promotion Assembly

4th Grade Promotion Assembly
Danny Stock

As 4th graders were promoted to Middle School, GDS honored the Class of 2030 with a morning ceremony in our Flexible Performing Arts Space.

Lower School Principal Cami Okubo welcomed audience members to the first in-person promotion assembly for a GDS 4th grade ever! (Prior to the pandemic, 5th grade was part of the Lower School.) The Lower School graduates sat behind her. Cami opened the assembly with gratitude, inviting the 4th graders to think back over all the things they had learned and all the caring people surrounding them. Assistant Principal Denise Jones aided that reflection by sharing some of the signature programs over the course of the students’ time in Lower School. The 4th grade team also provided a memories slideshow, reflecting so much of the joy, hard work, and community from the year.

Head of School Russell Shaw told a story about the power of inner light and its ability, like a match and candle in a dark cave, to fill a space to capacity. Kindness, integrity, and empathy are some of our greatest tools in our work to make the world better. “You each have your own unique light,” he said. “And your light matters. Thanks for sharing your light with us.”

After the distribution of certificates, the 4th grade teachers shared their hopes and advice to the students. 

Briefly, “Advocate for yourself and others,” Julia Tomasko ’05 said. 

“Lead with empathy,” Liz Spratley added.

Payal Sangani said, “Listen to others.”

And Jay Tucker concluded, “Take risks and be brave.”

And they were. . .brave enough to recess out of the ceremony to their chosen song, Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Congratulations, Class of 2030.

Families can view and purchase photos here.


4th Grade Promotion Assembly
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