3rd Place in the MAC Championships for Golf Team

Danny Stock
The GDS golf team brought home the third place trophy in the Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC) Championships on October 17. A top team result! Senior Will Klein ’19 boosted the team with a second place finish overall, another personal best. We caught up with Will to discuss the excellent results and his leadership on the team.

“It was a freezing morning but great, fast conditions,” Will recalled. “The greens were freshly cut and rolled. The team played great.” Will recalls a few great shots that day but his wedge shot from hole #12 stands out. He hit from 85 yards out to within two feet of the hole.

A few weeks back, the team suffered a tough blowout and wasn’t sure they would be able to rally for the MAC Championships. “We had an informal meeting on the bus after, talking about how we could stay positive and show up with a good mindset.”

Will has been playing competitive golf since he was 8 years old. This summer, he nearly qualified for the U.S. Amateur Golf Championships. He trains year-round and reads golf sports psychology texts to support his training. Bob Rotella’s Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect is a favorite. “Golf is a very cerebral game,” Will explained. “I’ve tried to take on more of a leadership role with the team this year, helping others with their technique and mental approach to the game. At the same time, we have tried to have a lot of fun this year. Golf is a tough game that can get you down quickly. It’s important to stay positive.”
Student golfing.

Will Klein '19 places 2nd overall at the MAC Championships.

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