3D Modeling and Design

Danny Stock

High School students in Tuan Nguyen’s 3D Modeling and Design class are working towards constructing a fully-functional lamp fixture, lamp shade, or light feature. They have researched materials and sought inspiration from various sources, including gaming storylines and sci-fi universes.

They used Tinkercad for their virtual modeling and have been prototyping using 3D-printed parts as well as laser-cut cardboard. 

Wesley Brubaker ’23 shared an in-design image for his Persona 5 video game-inspired piece, modeled after its main dungeon, Mementos. “The actual creation of the model was pretty easy and just took creative energy. The difficult part, however, has been actually printing it. It is composed of both 3D-printed parts and laser-cut parts, both [presenting their own] difficulties. Right now I’m in the process of assembling the prototype.”

In addition to their work with Tuan, students are also collaborating with Matthew Bachiochi for laser cutting and 3D printing in the High School’s Odradek maker space. Final construction light fixtures and features will be assembled from wood or acrylic parts. Students will have the option of installing a standard light bulb or assembling an LED light source. The students’ final pieces will be included in the spring High School Art Show. Tuan said, “I can't wait to see all of the lights turned on and glow and light up the space.”

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