Winter One Acts

Danny Stock

If you weren't one of the lucky 150 people to attend the Winter One Acts premiere last week—our even if you were—you now have the opportunity to view all seven recorded shows at your leisure. You can visit to view the recordings and programs.

PLEASE NOTE: "Zombie," "DMV," and "Trotsky" are appropriate for all ages. "Baby Food" is appropriate for MS and older.  "Columbus" and "Eden" are appropriate for HS school students and older only, please.

Check each video description for information about the actors, directors, and virtual stage managers. Below you'll find a list of the many students who worked behind the scenes—and in many cases in addition to their onscreen performances—to create the virtual Winter One Acts.

A huge and special applause goes to:

Advisor: Laura Rosberg
Technical Director: Christal Boyd

Editor:  Ian Rothfeld ’23
Light Designer:  Jacob-Ali Korde ’22
Lights Crew:  Amelia Holmwood ’24
Set Designers:  Maya Landwebber ’22, Carmen Gitchell, ’22 Harrison West ’22
Sets Crew:  Nora O’Connor ’22 , Eleanor Gaugh ’22, Oakley Winters ’22, Kaiden Yu ’23, Evan Bianchi ’21, Laith Weinberger ’24, Rasmus Byskov ’22
Sound Designer:  Ian Rothfeld ’23

Poster by Nava Mach ’23

The One Acts Festival offers upwards of 30 acting opportunities and countless design and administrative responsibilities at the High School—and it’s all student-directed and -managed. It is a great way to get your feet wet, flex your muscles, run it up the flagpole, and try theater on for size!

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